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A unique mix of Greek & American Cuisines.

Gyroscope is the first restaurant to introduce a blend of tastes and a combination of cuisines to tempt the taste buds of any food lover. Made with specially marinated meats, fresh produce, and always healthy ingredient choices, we appeal to the conscious eaters as well.

We ensure that our ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you and your family can trust. 

Our menu has been designed to provide a variety of choices for all picky eaters and our team of highly trained chefs can prepare each order to perfection. 

Turn fast-food into a better experience and upgrade your quick-break lunch choices by trying our dishes.

Come back every day for our daily specials made with love and care by our food experts!

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Customer Comments

Grade "A" Prime Meat

“GYROSCOPE is an exciting addition to our town

Sal Nistico


“The best Gyro ever. So tasty and fulfilling!”

Jay Jackson

specialty appetizers



MONDAY BUFFET $4.99/person


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A Sample of our Menu